The Smartest Stocks to Buy With $700 Right Now

Key Takeways

  • Brookfield Renewable can deliver high returns in the coming years.
  • Real estate income has a long history of providing investors with a growing source of income.
  • Switch still has plenty to develop in the coming years.

You don’t have a lot of money to build a good old-fashioned nursery. For example, if you invest $ 300 per month, it will go up to $ 1 million. USD for 30 years, which is estimated at 12%. This is less than the stock market average of almost 11% over the past 50 years.

The important thing is to buy chemical mixers, stocks that will continue to offer high returns over the next few years. It has a three-year term that generates two debts: Brookfield Renewable (NYSE: BEP) (NYSE: BEP), Real Estate Revenue (NYSE: O) and Transfers (NYSE: SWCH). By investing hundreds of dollars each season, you can make a huge profit for years to come.

Leading for a new powerful megatrend

The world economy must work hard to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, which emit carbon and reduce the effects of climate change. It is estimated to invest more than $ 150 trillion to weaken the global economy over the next 30 years.

This forecast is good news for Brookfield Renewable, a world leader in renewable energy. It has one of the largest renewable energy packages, more than any other development project. This development channel has a monthly plan to increase the revenue per unit from 6% to 11%. at least by 2026. At the same time, the company thinks that in the last quarter it could grow up to 9% per year. through mergers and acquisitions. In the short term, it rises to 20% per year.

Get the 3.5% cost for the previous month 3 the 3.5% annual fee. It holds its previous record as Brookfield has achieved 18% of its total return over the past two years.

It was a great combination of success

In America, ownership of industrial buildings and shopping malls in Europe is estimated at $ 12 trillion. This is a great benefit for Income Realty, a Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT) that focuses on selling these types of assets. The company plans to acquire more than 5 billion homes by 2021 without Needle և VREIT. Each transaction is expected to increase revenue. share of 9.2% by mid -2022.

The continuous improvement of income-based revenue generation has yielded amazing results over the years. The REIT recorded 15.1% of its total recorded yield in 1994 due to rising cash flow: interest rates. The company’s revenue rose 4.4%, 114 times, after the announcement. In one of the best remnants of the REIT segment, Realty Income has the financial opportunity to expand its portfolio in the future. Combine its attractive product with the potential for growth հետ with the fact that real estate income will continue to be profitable in the coming years.

Modify systems to proceed to the next step

Børsen is a production center dedicated to the construction and operation of large production and technological buildings. The company now focuses on REIT և needs to improve access to capital. This will increase the ability of data structures to grow in a fast -growing market.

Switch sees huge growth potential in the coming years. There are currently several plans to expand the facility, and many more are currently underway. This expansion is due to an increase in employment income of more than 12% per year until 2026. At the same time, the company has had a significant impact on “two percent annual growth.” years. in the next decade. This could give Borden a chance to earn in the coming years.

Chances of success at home are high

Brookfield Renewable, Realty Income and Transfer has grown significantly, and looks poised to make more than average revenues in the coming years. It seems like a smart budget for those with a few hundred dollars to spend today.

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